Costway 23'' Pink Yoga Ball Balance Trainer with Pump Home Exercise Training Fitness

Our Yoga Ball with Pump is a good choice if you want to strengthen your abdominals, core stability and endurance. It is made of high quality PVC and ABS with a non-slip surface for safe, and this unique device can be used with the dome side up to give you an ever changing dynamic surface to stand on, jump on, or kneel on to train every part of your body. What��s more, the material is environmentally friendly and it is easy to carry to your office, the gym, park or back to home<br>


Anti-slip anywhere for your daily use<br>
Safety and heavy-duty structure<br>
Perfect for strengthening the abdominals, core and lower back muscles<br>
Multiple uses for balance, core stability, endurance and strength trainings<br>

Designed for all fitness level<br>

Correct your posture and bring you strong interest in Yoga<br>

Two elastic strings included are ideal for keeping balance<br>

Easy and convenient for carry<br>


Material:PVC and ABS<br>

Product Dimension(after filing):23''(Diameter of Ball)/9.8''(Height of Ball)<br>

Weight Capacity:441lbs<br>

Product Weight:11.4lbs<br>

Pulling Rope Length:31.5''<br>